Medical innovations revealing the future of medicine

Innovations in the field of medicine are always important to develop new technologies, treatments and even hope for patients to live longer in the face of the thousands of deadly diseases that may exist.

This is why, on this occasion, Houston Methodist Hospital brings you three informative capsules in which they inform you about medical innovations.

Did you know that liver transplantation can give hope to people with advanced liver cancer?

In a study, performed at the Houston Methodist JC Walter Jr. Transplant Center and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, 12 patients with liver cancer were studied, of which six received liver transplantation. In this group, the survival rate was 100 percent at one year and 83 percent at five years, and 50 percent of patients had no cancer recurrence more than five years after transplant.

“These results are promising, because at this time there is no cure for liver cancer if the tumor cannot be surgically removed,” said Dr. R. Mark Ghobrial, chief of Liver Transplantation at the Houston Methodist Hospital Transplant Center. .

Did you know that at the Houston Methodist Hospital they developed a nanodevice that administers medications in predetermined doses for chronic diseases?

Scientists led by Dr. Alessandro Grattoni, Chairman of the Department of Nanomedicine at the Houston Methodist Hospital Research Institute, they began to apply it in chronic-degenerative ailments such as arthritis, diabetes or heart disease.

This device is the size of a grape and is remotely controlled, gradually releasing the medicine that each patient needs. The implant goes under the skin and can hold up to a full year of medication before needing to be refilled.

“With this researchLet’s see this universal drug implant as the future of chronic disease carebecause it does not have the inconvenience of oral doses, which are frequently forgotten by patients, nor of night doses, which are often skipped”, explained the principal investigator of the study and creator of the device, Dr. Alessandro Grattoni.

Did you know that the use of the herpes virus and the common cold to combat malignant brain tumors is being studied at the Houston Methodist Hospital?

As part of these clinical trials, inactivated herpes virus DNA is combined with the common cold virus and injected into the brain tissue surrounding the area where the core of the tumor is.

“We chose the common cold virus because of its ability to spread rapidly and reach many of the hard-to-reach tumor cells and spread through remaining tumor branches that cannot be removed with surgery,” explained Dr. David Baskin. , neurosurgeon and director of the Center for Brain and Pituitary Tumors at Houston Methodist Hospital.

Located in the Texas Medical Center, Houston Methodist Hospital has been ranked number one in the state of Texas and in the city of Houston for 10 consecutive years by the prestigious US News & World Report magazine. In 2021, Newsweek magazine included Houston Methodist in the list of the 100 best hospitals worldwide.

The Houston Methodist Hospital is recognized in the world for its cutting-edge medical research, for the attention and care given to its patients and for its highly specialized areas in: Oncology, Cardiology and Heart Surgery; Diabetes and Endocrinology; Gastroenterology and Gastrointestinal Surgery; Geriatrics; Nephrology; Neurology and Neurosurgery; Orthopedics and Sports Medicine; Pulmonology and Transplants; Otorhinolaryngology and Gynecology. Additionally, Houston Methodist Hospital is recognized worldwide for its leadership in COVID-19 research.

The Houston Methodist Hospital has a well-known Wellness area where top-level studies and check-ups are carried out. In this way, a complete and comprehensive overview of the physical and health status of each individual is obtained and a precise and personalized future health program can be built through a multidisciplinary group of experts.

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