Medical students should be included in the group that currently receives the vaccine against covid-19, demand PRD

Nursing and medical students who develop their social service, whether they are interns, interns or reside in any of the institutions of the health sector, must be included in the front-line group to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, since You are also exposed to risks of contagion.

Deputy Jorge Casarrubias Vázquez, of the FART, made a call to the Secretary of Health to also take them into account in this phase of anticovid vaccination.

He said that young people who are providing services in hospitals in the health sector, helping to combat Covid-19, are not being included in the vaccination program that the Federal Government launched on December 24, which puts their health and that of their families are in danger.

“We cannot afford to just vaccinate a few. We need more doctors to attend to patients and improve the health service in our country. Although they are still doctors in training, it is also true that they are part of the thousands of Mexicans who are helping to control the pandemic, they are part of the priority population to be vaccinated, ”said the PRD.

Likewise, Casarrubias Vázquez asked that the Higher Education institutions UNAM, IPN, UAM, UAEM and those that teach medicine courses, follow up on the vaccination campaign to students enrolled in their institutions who are potentially exposed in medical units to which they were assigned.

The PRD member regretted the death of the undergraduate intern, Jorge Alejandro López Rivas, belonging to the Iztacala School of Higher Studies, who was doing his internship at the Ecatepec General Hospital “Dr. José María Rodríguez ”on January 4 after being infected with COVID-19.

“We cannot leave this decision to the directors of the family medical units or their equivalents. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health, UNAM, IPN, UAM, UAEM and all public universities that have this degree, to ensure that the years invested in these institutions, the hours of study, are not extinguished by premature death, when we could do something for them ”, he concluded.


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