Medical trolly, innovative tool with which doctors monitor COVID patients in Colombia

The Ministry of ICT, a telecommunications company and the Military Hospital of Bogota
They launched a new technology in the intensive care unit of said healthcare center that helps doctors to be less exposed to the coronavirus COVID-19

Its about medical trolly, a telemedicine cart that runs through the hallways of the unit, being remotely controlled by a doctor who virtually attends to those infected with the virus.

“We are going to have a trolly that he is permanently monitoring the patients and that he is going to facilitate the care of the interconsultants, ”says General Clara Esperanza Galvis, director of the Central Military Hospital.

Since it was implemented, the medical trolly has achieved that health personnel have less contact with patients who have contracted coronavirus.

“Well, it is going to decrease that patients have to move here, we are doing that triage in real time. This is a commitment to improving care and taking advantage of technology ”, says General Galvis.

In addition to contributing to health, this telemedicine car also contributes to technological advancement in the country, since it uses the 5G telecommunications network.

“We implemented this telemedicine cart, which is a solution that allows connectivity between health professionals and patients in COVID rooms with high-definition conference cameras and a series of technology available for this type of situation”, Explained Fabián Hernández, president of Movistar Colombia.

From a technical perspective, 4G technology achieves a connection speed of 350 megabits, while 5G, applied in the medical trolly, reaches 1.6 gigabits per second, which represents greater data transmission and better efficiency in this type of medical work.

“This is what it does is communication in real time between health professionals who are inside the hospital, but are not entering the ICU wards of COVID
and they do it through this telemedicine car, ”Hernández notes.

Elements like these are expected to be used in other areas of science, health and technology in Colombia

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