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One of the main objectives of the team of Luis Jiménez Reina, the recently re-elected dean of the School of Medicine and Nursing, is to accredit the university center as a health center.
«In the faculty we cannot ‘legally’ give an injection or we cannot see the fundus of a person to do a practice or have them students physiotherapy do an intervention “, explains the dean, Luis Jiménez. Therefore, its intention is to meet the necessary requirements for the faculty to obtain the authorization of the Junta Andalusia and register as a health center. This would allow students to carry out practical work with real patients and “would help the clinical training of some specialties to be done at the center as well.”

Thus, one could, for example, ‘revise the vision of residents of nursing homes, “says the dean, who insists that it is not a matter of referring patients from the health system, but of facilitating the clinical practices of students with people and not with simulations.

Other objectives

This is not the only ambitious goal of the dean team of Medicine and Nursing, which intends to continue improving the faculty. “What I want is for the faculty to continue progressing,” says Jiménez.

«We have an idea of ​​relocation of spaces because the faculty has grown, many things have changed by incorporating Nursing first and Physiotherapy later, because fortunately new teachers have been incorporated “, comments its head, who points out that” we undoubtedly have to review the Nursing and Physiotherapy curricula because there are things that have worked but there are also things that we understand that can be improved. “

Along with the above, another of the great approaches of Luis Jiménez Reina is to implement in the Nursing Degree a final evaluation test of clinical skills, not knowledge.

This practical test has been carried out for six years in the title of Medicine under the name of Structured Objective Clinical Examination (ECOE) – and two in Physiotherapy, the Cordovan center being the first in Spain to implement this test to that degree. In these tests “the student is confronted with a series of clinical situations with simulated patients, with dolls, and it is about acting as he would act under normal conditions.”

«It is a way of ensuring that the training we are giving to the graduates It is not only about knowledge but that the acquisition of those clinical competencies and skills that he has acquired can be accredited with a qualification because he undoubtedly has to have knowledge but he has to know how to do things “, remarks the dean.


The experience of the past year has allowed a better planning of the present, in which one of the main concerns was to guarantee the compulsory clinical practices of the three titles -Medicine, Nursing and Physiotherapy-. “Fortunately, so far all of them are being carried out in person,” emphasizes Jiménez, who explains that the rest are carried out with simulations in the faculty in person. “What teachers understand has to be done in person is being done in person,” he emphasizes.

In addition, access to Hospital centers of those students who are carrying out some research in the framework of their final degree or master’s degree projects.

Jiménez is satisfied with having managed to maintain a «normalized teaching» in the first semester and is convinced that «quality is being maintained» thanks to the effort «first of the students, who have been able to adapt, second of the teaching staff and then of the health institutions that have been very receptive to what we have been asking.

However, it is planned to evaluate the exams ongoing to verify that virtual teaching is not affecting the quality of teaching of the faculty.



All clinics guaranteed

All the practices of the 3rd and 4th year Nursing and Physiotherapy courses and the 6th year of Medicine are carrying out their care practices in person thanks to the collaboration of the Córdoba-Guadalquivir Health District and the different private hospital centers.


Broad endorsement of the dean

With 85% of the votes cast, Luis Jiménez Reina was re-elected last November dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Nursing of the University of Córdoba. Continue improving the faculty and the accreditation of degrees, among its main objectives.


Also with covid patients

The General Secretariat for Research, Development and Innovation of the Junta de Andalucía authorized in the subjects that it was considered necessary that the students of the center could do internships with covid patients, with the due precautions and training and this is being done.


Less supply but equal demand

The pandemic has had a negative effect on the mobility of students and teachers. The faculty has reduced its offer of places for students from other universities but its dean recognizes that students continue to want to go to other countries.


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