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Internists and doctors General Hospital of Ecatepec, in the State of Mexico, denounce that since April of last year, when the pandemic started, six medical students have died while on duty and 35 others have caught COVID-19. They attribute it to the poor working conditions inside the place

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“He was on guard, a patient arrives, he begins to go into unemployment. The patient spits blood and the blood falls on my brother’s face and it enters his eyes, because my brother had no mask other than his mask, ”said Sharon López, sister of the deceased doctor.

Jorge Alejandro López, undergraduate intern at the Iztacala School of Higher Studies of the UNAM, attended this emergency on December 6 at the General Hospital of Ecatepec. ANDOn January 4 he died right there from COVID. His family says that during that month, and still with symptoms, he had to report to work.

“He goes back to the hospital, because they demanded part of his teaching, even my sick brother already had purple lips, he went to his guards,” said his sister.

Sharon tells how was the last attention Jorge received.

“We arrived at the hospital, he entered the crash area, his colleagues revived him for 40 minutes, without gloves, without syringes, without masks. At 5:40 in the afternoon they tell us that my brother had already passed away. So far we have not received any calls from any authority ”.

Poor working conditions cause the death of medical students from COVID at Hospital de Ecatepec. PHOTO Noticieros Televisa

After Jorge’s death, the Iztacala FES withdrew the team of internal doctors assigned to that hospital. However, relatives and colleagues point out that his death was due to the alleged negligence on the part of his superiors, as well as irregularities such as lack of protective equipment.

“With all this pandemic, it is assumed that they could not have us, first by federal decree, in high-risk services, such as emergencies, triage, and well, obviously this was not fulfilled. In the ER there aren’t even gloves, imagine with that I tell you everything. Every two months they give you two face masks and one of the most common, ”said Melissa Méndez, an intern.

“That our curtain looks like it is broken, is a vile plastic that protects us from COVID patients. Right now I was dismissed from Chemita for having complained that we do not have the conditions to be working, “said a nurse.

Saturday, a nurse from the same hospital reported on social media that she was fired, although prove it was infected.

“The intern who unfortunately died due to the conditions in which we are working, experienced something very similar to what I experienced, they told me that I was fine and that I did not have to expect disabilities,” the nurse denounced.

Count that became infected while attending the delivery of a COVID patient without adequate protective equipment and that when he presented the first symptoms they asked him to continue working until he had no result.

“The care is worse than if we were patients, it is about that you can wait, or you can endure, I got infected, I infected my parents and right now my grandmother is sick,” said another nurse.

In a request form, undergraduate interns and doctors of the General Hospital of Ecatepec, demand protective equipment and be evaluated by trained personnel at the time of presenting any symptoms of COVID.

“Only the colleagues who enter the COVID area are provided with the corresponding equipment, we are basically outside with a three-layer mask, so if they start demanding, you start to bother. The fact that they tell us heroes is only a speech, an empty word, “said a doctor.

“If there are no doctors, who will treat them”, concluded the doctor Melissa.

With information from Víctor Valles-Mata and Fernando Guillén



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