Medicines authority informs about vaccines –

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) wants to inform about the approval of the coronavirus vaccines at a public meeting in early December. Citizens can participate with questions and contributions.

The EMA is responsible for the approval of the vaccines against the coronavirus for the European market and reviews the scientific studies for the development.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global crisis, with devastating health, social and economic consequences,” as the EMA said in Amsterdam on Thursday communicated. A safe and effective vaccine is urgently needed to fight the crisis.

The authority is currently examining three vaccines using the so-called rolling review process. The results of studies are evaluated before the application for approval has been submitted. This shortens the process considerably. According to the EMA, the same standards for quality, safety and efficacy apply as for the approval of other vaccines and drugs.

Citizens can submit questions or contributions in writing until November 27th. The meeting will be broadcast live on the Internet.

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