Medicines will be given free of charge to the citizen.. and this is what he said about the drug card

Health Minister Firas Al-Abyad affirmed that the ministry has solutions for people who are unable to purchase chronic diseases medicines, as primary health care centers provide 90 types of medicines for chronic diseases free of charge, stressing that with the lifting of partial subsidies medicine will return to be available in pharmacies.

In an interview with LBCI, Al-Abyadh said: We are moving towards comprehensive health coverage in which we give medicines to citizens for free..but the problem is always in the funding, pointing out that the drug card will allow us to prevent smuggling, monitor distribution, and the tracking process is essential.
He continued: Cancer patients do not have time… and we could have continued to pull the ropes with the Central Bank for another 4 months, but there are patients who do not have the luxury of time and they are the ones who were paying the price.
He revealed that when the Ministry of Health received the warehouses of Karantina, they were empty of medicines, and it had been 4 months since no medicine had entered Lebanon after the dispute between the Central Bank and drug importers, which created a vacuum in the drug market.

Abyad stressed that if there was no money left in the budget that would allow to fully support chronic disease medicines, we resorted to lifting part of the subsidy, not removing the entire subsidy.


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