Medicom will increase its production capacity of N95 masks at its Montreal plant

MONTREAL — The Medicom group, a manufacturer and distributor of single-use personal protective products, announced on Friday that more than 40 new positions will be created at its plant in the Saint-Laurent borough of Montreal, and that new machines will be installed. to support the new production rate of N95 masks.

Guillaume Laverdure, chief operating officer of Medicom, says that the company can now supply nearly 3.3 million N95 respirators to the Quebec health network and that in a few weeks, when the new machines are running at full capacity. , more than 4.4 million N95 respirators per month can be donated to the Quebec government.

Medicom reports that because of the long wear times, healthcare workers value these respirators not only for their filtering efficiency and the resulting protection, but also for their comfort and the ease of breathing.

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The company, founded in 1988, claims to be the only Quebec company and one of the few in Canada to be doubly certified by both Canadian and American authorities for N95 respirators.

The Canadian Press

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