Meet Zhang Ziyu: The 16-year-old Talented Basketball Prodigy with Incredible Height and Big Hands

2023-09-16 16:28:00

Original title: The 16-year-old girl Yao Ming has another talent and is 2.28 meters tall. She was born with big hands and is a treasure of women’s basketball that has not yet been discovered.

16-year-old Zhang Ziyu recently performed at a dominant level again at the National Youth Student Games, and photos of her in physical education classes at school when she was a child were also exposed, which shows another super talent of Zhang Ziyu.

Zhang Ziyu is now 2.28 meters tall. Not only that, she also has a pair of big hands. It can be seen from the exposed photos that the basketball turned into a volleyball in Zhang Ziyu’s hands, and one of her hands almost covered more than half of the ball.

Zhang Ziyu also joked with his classmates, extending his huge palm to directly cover the head of a male classmate, which was quite exaggerated. This is another great talent of Zhang Ziyu, he is born with a pair of big hands.

As we all know, how important it is to have big hands in basketball. Jordan has amazing ball sense because of his big hands, and he can easily control the ball.

Such Zhang Ziyu is really a treasure of the women’s basketball team. It is a pity that the national brand has not discovered her yet. In fact, 16 years old is not young anymore, Zhang Ziyu should have been discovered long ago.

Yao Ming had already been selected for the national team when he was 18 years old, and although Zhang Ziyu had already begun receiving basketball training, the training methods and levels of the local team were naturally not comparable to those of the national team. It is expected that Zhang Ziyu will be selected as a national brand as soon as possible and receive key training.Return to Sohu to see more


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