Meeting in seminar, the government discovers the “Castex method”

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Studious Saturday for the executive. A few days after the appointment of the new team of Jean Castex, the government met this Saturday for a first “seminar»Work of just under 3 hours. Goal : “fixer [la] working method», Take stock of the first steps and define the roadmap for the coming months.

«It’s a new team, a new government, so it was important to meet collectively to exchange“Commented the government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, at the end of the seminar. Recalling Emmanuel Macron’s call for this “government of the 600 days“Acts quickly in the face of a”moment of historic crisis for the country“, Jean Castex underlined his”method“, Based on the”very marked concern for materialization»Measurements in the field. “If the decisions do not apply on the ground for the French, it does not have much interest“Said Gabriel Attal. The Prime Minister therefore invited his team to “contact the French“And”people concernedThrough reforms, at the local level.

The occupant of Matignon also supported the “concern for dialogue, consultation with local elected representatives, unions, businesses and associations» : «efficiency is not just about going fast, but taking people with you“Said the spokesperson. In this perspective, ministerial offices could welcome identified interlocutors, “able to respond and discuss with local elected officials, companies, associations” This type of collaborator “may have missed previouslyAdded the representative of the executive.

A “fairly long political exchangeAlso took place on the Prime Minister’s policy statement. “It is important that all members of government can put forward their ideas, their point of viewOn this eagerly awaited subject, said Sibeth Ndiaye’s successor. According to several participants, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin insisted on the need to «protection» and Éric Dupond-Moretti, the Keeper of the Seals, on the need to respect institutions. “The ministers converged on the priority given to economic recovery and therefore to employment, but also to the question of republican authority”sums up a member of the Castex team. “The crisis is not last us”, insisted the head of government.

Darmanin is entitled to the “presumption of innocence»

Returning to some hot files, the government spokesman first recalled the “very great sadnessSurrounding the death of a bus driver in Bayonne. Gabriel Attal denounced a “terrible assault“And expressed a”very strong thought for loved ones and colleagues».

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The former secretary of state also returned to the case of Gérald Darmanin, targeted by feminist demonstrations which recall the accusation of rape of which he is the subject. “That associations and collectives express themselves and put forward these subjects, I find this perfectly legitimate“, He started, before nuancing his point, hammering that”respects and sanctifies the presumption of innocence in our country. The French are attached to this constitutional principle“, And the Minister of the Interior is entitled to it, like any citizen. “Gérald Darmanin has the confidence of the President of the Republic, the investigations in progress, and it is normal. We are in a state of law“Concluded the spokesperson.

«Act effectively and immediately at the service of the French»

«I hope that the ministers go on the ground to hear the requests of the French, businesses and local elected officials», Wrote during the meeting on Twitter the occupant of Matignon, recalling his commitment to strengthening ties with local communities. His colleague in Bercy, Bruno Le Maire, said that this meeting should allow “collectively define our working method to act effectively and immediately in the service of the French” Emmanuel Macron did not attend this meeting, which takes place only a few days before Jean Castex’s general policy speech, scheduled for July 15.

The seminar was announced by government spokesman Gabriel Attal in the cabinet meeting on Tuesday. The new executive renews this with a method already used by Jean Castex’s predecessor, Edouard Philippe. “Ministerial meetings will multiply and it’s a good thingSlipped a participant, Saturday morning. The Prime Minister, a rugby fan, said he wanted to establish “a team spirit, as in the practice of sport». «September is going to hit hard, we need someone to work with on a short circuitAbounds a member of the government.

During the report of the Council of Ministers, the spokesman had previously cited four axes that will guide the new ministerial team: the recovery and reconstruction of the country, the will “to associate more widely the elected representatives, the driving forces of our country“, the “republican patriotism“And”l’Europe” The method was also outlined, notably through a close association with the territories and increased proximity to local communities. It must now take shape in the coming weeks.

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