meeting with a toy seller who has adapted

After several years of resistance, Gilles Georgieff was convinced by his daughter to sell his toys on social networks. In this shop of Santa Claus, the phone keeps ringing and orders pouring in. “We spend a lot of time on the phone. It takes longer but the people are lovely so we’re very lucky,” testifies Esperanza Peinado, manager of the toy store.

“That’s a third of turnover less”, nevertheless supports Gilles Georgieff. Through his phone, he is polishing a new way of working. Customers even claim it on the sidewalk, but they are not allowed to enter the store. “He is competent and gives good advice”, judges a delighted customer, come to place an order. And there is something to be satisfied with: Gilles Georgieff does not count his hours and, at nightfall, he will even deliver his customers.

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