Meetings of the ecolonomy: to produce without destroying, it is possible, what is blocking?

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It is more economical to produce in an ecological way. The Pochéco company, which manufactures envelopes near Lille, in the north of France, and its president Emmanuel Druon have demonstrated this for 25 years. His method is called ecolonomics. The advisory office Open, created by the company, has already supported 30,000 employees of 250 companies in ten countries towards ecological transition. What are the steps to put in place and why is the model struggling to establish itself on a large scale?

Guests :

Emmanuel Druon, president of Pochéco

Elodie Bia, co-founder of the Open Office

Muriel Pénicaud, Ambassador of France to the OECD, former Minister of Labor

Françoise Nyssen, director of the Actes Sud publishing house, former Minister of Culture and president of the Festival d’Avignon.


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