Mega Gold, Heku Gold… 4 official financial stocks will have ex-dividend next week. Should depositors rush in and wait to receive dividends?3 Reasons Why Investors Have “High Probability of Interest Filling” – Today’s Weekly

In the past two days, the news that US Speaker Pelosi is coming to Taiwan has disrupted the rhythm of the bulls’ rebound. Seeing that there was a great opportunity to cross the 15,000 point, the weighted index has once again tested the monthly average due to the rising tension between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait. . However, for many stockholders, the highlight of this or two weeks is the ex-dividend show of the official stock bank.

Official stock bank ex-dividend drama debut

Starting from 8/2, Taiwan Enterprise Bank (2834) will take the lead, opening the prelude to the ex-dividend of state-owned banks. This year, the Taiwan Enterprise Bank paid 0.1 yuan in dividends and 0.37 yuan in the rights issue. On the ex-dividend day, it was hit by the news that Felosi came to Taiwan. The weighted index fell 234 points, but the Taiwan Enterprise Bank closed with a small increase of 0.05, showing a relatively defensive performance.

Next is First Gold (2892), which will be ex-dividend on 8/4, with a dividend of 1 yuan and a rights issue of 0.2 yuan. Similarly, when Taiwan stocks fell sharply on Tuesday, the first gold only fell slightly on the day. 0.05 yuan, why are these government-owned banks so defensive?

Three reasons for the strong trend of state-owned banks

I have observed that the Taiwan stock market rebounded this time, and the stock price trend of government-owned banks is stronger than that of private banks. My personal judgment is mainly for three reasons:

1. The electronics industry is facing a decline in terminal demand and concerns about high inventory, so funds have moved to stocks other than electronics stocks as a safe haven for funds.andFinancial stocks have the bullish support of the interest rate hike cycle and become the first choice for safe-haven funds.

2. The National Security Fund announced that it will protect the market, and state-owned banks are naturally on the list. In addition, most of the official stock banks do not face the doubts that their net worth may be significantly reduced like life insurance and property insurance companies, so investing money here has lower uncertainty.

3. At the beginning of July, most of the state-owned banks’ dividend yields exceeded 4%, mainly due to the sharp correction of stock prices in June, which pushed up the yields. Judging from the closing price of 8/2, except for Changyin (2801) and Taiwan Enterprise Bank, which has gone ex-dividend, the dividend yield of the remaining four tranches is still close to 4%. Therefore, surrounded by conservative funds, the probability of a sharp pullback in the stock price may not be large.

Table 1. Date and amount of ex-dividend dividends of official stock bank treasury

individual stocks Ex-dividend date dividend allotment dividend yield
Taiwan Enterprise Bank (2834) 8/2 0.1 0.37 0.8%
First Gold (2892) 8/4 1.0 0.20 3.7%
Gold (5880) 8/10 1.0 0.30 3.6%
South China Gold(2880) 8/11 0.78 0.34 3.3%
Mega Gold(2886) 8/11 1.4 0.25 3.9%
Shogin (2801) 8/11 0.5 0.10 2.8%

First Golden Sun K Line

Source: Tai Fu Information

South China Golden Sun K Line

Source: Tai Fu Information

Heku Golden Sun K Line

Source: Tai Fu Information

Subjective judgment has a high probability of filling interest

Seeing this, I believe there will be investors, especially stockholders, who want to ask:“If you step in now and participate in the ex-dividend, will you fill in the ex-dividend?” Regarding this issue, my opinion is that the chances are quite high.

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, the reason why the stock price is relatively strong due to the recent buying of government stock banks still exists after the ex-dividend, that is to say, the market still needs a safe haven for funds other than electronic stocks. Guoan The fund will still choose the official stock bank as the target to support the market, and the gap of the ex-rights dividend this time is not too big, and the stock price has been revised, and the rank is relatively low. Based on the above reasons, I evaluate The probability of filling the rights and interests is quite high, but the speed of filling the rights and interests depends on the current market atmosphere.

If the atmosphere is too much, then the speed of filling the rights and interests will naturally be faster. If the atmosphere is a little more conservative, then the time for filling the rights and interests will naturally be postponed later, but I think it should not be delayed until the end of this year.

ETF and other financial report announcements before the layout

If you don’t know how to choose individual stocks, you can actually choose ETFs for financial stocks, such as: Yuanta MSCI Financial (0055), although the dividend figure for this year has not yet been announced, but based on last year’s dividend figure of 0.75 yuan to try it out, The current dividend yield is also 3.3%.

However, the top five holdings of Yuanta MSCI Financial (0055) are: CITIC Gold (2891), Fubon Gold (2881), Cathay Gold (2882), Mega Gold (2886), Yushan Gold (2884), In order to avoid sweeping to the tail of the typhoon where the net value is impaired, I would recommend investing in my friends. Wait until the second quarter financial report figures are announced, and the negative impact is determined to be exhausted. Then we will plan again, maybe the price is more beautiful, not necessarily!

I wish all investors good luck.

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