Meghan and Harry visit dream villas in Malibu (and it’s not all happy)

People and royalty

According to Daily Mail, the princely couple chose the very select bay of Malibu to settle in California. A choice that could scare many stars who already reside there.

We told you about it last week and it’s now official: The Sussexes took the tangent and fled Canada to join Los Angeles, the hometown of the former actress, and live their new post-Megxit life there.

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Driven by the spread of the coronavirus, the couple and their son Archie joined the Golden State by private jet far ahead of schedule. Now is the time to find the perfect nest for the little family.

According to the Daily Mail, the princely couple chose the very select Malibu Bay as their base. It remains to find the perfect cocoon to raise Archie there, and the tabloid reports that the Sussexes have already started to visit luxurious villas – they are even suspected of having already spotted Kylie Jenner’s former mansion.

Malibu is very popular with Hollywood stars for its very casual and “hidden” side. A small community of the biggest stars on the planet has settled there. You can meet Julia Roberts by going to buy her bread in the morning, dining at a restaurant next to Cindy Crawford’s table or even seeing Brie Larson while walking on the beach.

A choice that might not please the biggest stars

Only here, the arrival of the couple could well annoy the celebrities in this supposedly quiet corner. The consequent security services around Sussex and the numerous paparazzi who hunt them may indeed not please some.

We could see some residents moving. They wouldn’t want a big security device near their home. ”, explains a source in the tabloid. ” You have stars far more important than them who live here. Do they want to have such annoying neighbors ? “She asked

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The Sussex are not yet settled, and yet there is already a scent of neighbors’ war.

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