Meghan Markle is not called Meghan Markle at all

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Page Six managed to get the birth certificate of Meghan and Harry’s son Archie. And the information on it comes as a surprise to fans of the British royal family. First of all because it turns out that Meghan is actually called Rachel Meghan Markle, the same first name as her character in the series Suits.

Of course, it is more common for someone to use his or her middle name instead of her first name. But even more striking is Meghan’s job description on the birth certificate. Namely, she is called Princess of the United Kingdom and not just the Duchess of Sussex. “Although she received the title of Duchess of Sussex from the Queen on her wedding day, she is technically a princess, but not in her own name,” explains Page Six.

“Meghan is officially Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales, but through her husband Harry,” reports the US magazine. In addition, they reveal the grandiose amount that cost the delivery of little prince Archie. This amounted to a whopping 23,137 euros for one night at Portland Hospital.

Meanwhile, that title no longer matters at all, because Harry and Meghan have renounced the British royal family. That goodbye stirs up a lot of dust and everyone wants to get involved, according to the video below.


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