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Meghan Markle wins appeal against “Daily Mail”

The conviction of the newspaper, which had published extracts from a letter from the Duchess of Sussex to her father, has been upheld. Prince Harry’s wife bounced back by appealing for “Rethinking the tabloid industry” British.

Another victory for Meghan Markle against the British tabloids. This December 2, “The Duchess of Sussex has won the final leg of her legal battle against the Mail on Sunday, about a letter she had sent to her father ”, summarizes it BBC. Before this decision on appeal, the newspaper had already been convicted in February 2021 for “The publication of extracts from this letter”.

the Daily Telegraph reminds indeed that “The case started in October 2019”. According to the newspaper, it had taken the form of a confrontation “Between Meghan and the whole press, whom she accused of carrying out a vendetta against her”.

As reported by BBC, “In a statement following the ruling, the duchess urged people to be ‘brave enough to rethink the tabloid industry, which profits from the lies and the pain it causes’.

But also :

These harmful practices do not happen once every thirty-six of the month [“on a blue moon”, en version originale]. They are a daily fault that divides us when we deserve better. ”

It is therefore “A call for a real overhaul of the tabloid industry” that Prince Harry’s wife launched in the wake of her legal victory, comment on it Guardian.

Personally, this victory is “significant” for Meghan Markle, said the correspondent with the royal family of the BBC : “She set limits. Even though his life is in the public interest, that does not make him public property. ”

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