Melisha Sidabutar, Indonesian Idol Participant Until the Elimination Stage Died

TEMPO.CO, JakartaMelisha Sidabutar, a participant of the Indonesian Idol Special Season to elimination stage 3 died at the age of 19, of heart disease, in Bekasi, on Tuesday at 17, 8 December 2020. This news was shared by Melisha’s neighbor named Ellysia Belinda on her Instagram Story.

“Melisha was called by God, to be honest, really sad. This family cannot yet be accepted. We pray for God’s courage and inclusion in the Sidabutar family. Amen,” wrote Ellysia. “Yes, guys, I believe your prayers strengthen them too! His family, his mother and father, Melitha, his cocoa, are given courage and strength.”

He said, after taking an X-ray, he found swelling in his heart. “So it was already limp from morning or yesterday (I don’t know the details, guys). Then her mother told me that she wanted to be taken to the hospital from yesterday, only Melisha said you don’t need to be afraid of Covid. Finally, today is really weak,” he wrote.

According to Ellysia, at noon, the girl whose full name is Melisha Pricilla Sidabutar was taken to THB Hospital and to Citra Hospital. “But at Citra Hospital, there is no CPR device, which surprised me with a beat heart. And at 5 o’clock earlier there was a certificate from the doctor who had passed away, “he said.

Melisha Sidabutar, participant of the Indonesian Idol Special Season. Photo: IG @melishapricilla.

Ellysia, who uploaded a photo of Melisha’s body lying on the sofa surrounded by her family, explained who she was because she admitted to getting lots of questions from netizens. Her house is directly opposite Melisha’s.

“I’m the neighbor. Across from the house. From junior high school, I played vocals together. My older sibling is also in high school. So when I found out the news, I stopped by, help out as much as possible. So sad.”

Ellysia then uploaded a video of the current situation at the funeral home. You can see the mourners coming to Melisha’s house, who has a twin named Melitha, who also auditioned Indonesian Idol but didn’t qualify. “This is the current situation. After being bathed, we are being prayed for together,” wrote Ellysia.

On Melisha’s Instagram account, Melisha’s audition partners on Indonesian Idol expressed their condolences at her last upload, four days ago. In the last upload, Melisha expressed her happiness to be able to qualify for Elimination 2.

“My first impression is about the elimination stage, ‘oh my god,’ HAHAH … This is real! I was joined by a group of friends who were pretty and had really good voices.”

Joy Fernando wrote, “Melishaa,” adding crying emoticons. Kevin Samuel, a young doctor whose steps were stopped at Elimination 1 also wrote a farewell greeting. “Goodbye my dear brother.”

This news immediately became the conversation of Indonesian Idol audiences who were watching Elimination 3 on Tuesday night, December 8, 2020. In the comments column of streaming services, many expressions of condolences were flooded.


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