Melty Blood: Type Lumina – With Dead Apostle Noel, a new fighter appears this winter as DLC – ntower

At the beginning of November, developer Project Lumina had the Roadmap for the Beat ’em up Melty Blood: Type Lumina presented. With the fighter Dead Apostle Noel is now also the first paid one Character DLC fixed. Soon the lady with the brightly colored and flashy outfit should take part in the fights, but only that one is current Winter than grosser Release date known.

A Trailer about the fighter who fights her opponents with projectiles and traps and dances like a butterfly, you can see below:

Dead Apostle Noel is an executor and a dead apostle, which the so-called Mystical eyes of the rose owns. She is able to forcibly remove the soul of her opponent and lock it in her eyes, where they then experience a never-ending nightmare. The fighting style, reminiscent of a dancing butterfly, also enables her to use a large number of projectiles.

How expensive the character DLC will be when it appears in Nintendo eShop is currently not yet known.

How do you like the character? Do you play Melty Blood: Type Lumina and will you add Dead Apostle Noel to your warriors?


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