Memes against the Copa América for great matches in the Eurocup

The Eurocup This Monday had a historic day on account of the two round of 16 matches that took place. First thing in the morning Spain beat Croatia 5-3 at extra time, while in the afternoon Switzerland beat France on penalties, after a passionate 3-3 in the 90 minutes.

14 goals in just two games sent football fans around the world to their feet of the high level of the European teams. In addition, the two games of this day had intense and emotional procedures until the end.

With the second half so good that France and Switzerland played, in which the Swiss team tied the score in the 90th minute, there were numerous comments from fans and journalists on Twitter dedicated to pointing out the abysmal distance between European and South American football.

As these days the America Cup, the comparison with the Euro was inevitable and the South American tournament ended up being the target of memes that left him very badly off. Other people sadly reported that after a football banquet as exquisite as the one provided by Spain, Croatia, Switzerland and France, the day will end with duels like Argentina vs. Bolivia and Uruguay vs. Paraguay.

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In the Eurocup, three series of quarterfinals are already known: Belgium vs. Italy, Spain vs. Switzerland and Denmark vs. Czech Republic. This Tuesday the table will be complete towards the final, when the eighth games that are pending are played: England vs. Germany and Sweden vs. Ukraine.

For its part, tonight the quarterfinals of the Copa América will be known. Colombia will play its match for that instance on Saturday July 3 and its rival would be Paraguay or Uruguay.

Here are several of the memes that were generated with the Euro games that were played in the last hours:


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