Memories of the hard rock of Detroit

The first single and the first track on the album are simply called “Rock ‘n’ Roll”. “A homage to the most turbulent and toughest rock ‘n’ roll scene that ever existed,” the record company advertises, not without good reason.

Shock rocker Alice Cooper has created bloody stage shows that are legendary, also because a guillotine plays an important role. “Our band was once very dangerous, but I know that I can’t shock anyone today,” he told the dpa. In the past, parents would have really thought that he – now a grandpa of four – was living in a dark, haunted castle. But: “The times in which we live are more shocking than anything I could do.”

Even if the big rock bands are more his age than part of a youth movement today, he believes in the future of rock music. “The only music that has survived since the 1960s until today is rock music,” he says in an interview with dpa. “A young band should take a close look at it: If you want to survive in the music business, don’t follow a trend, just play rock music.”

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