“Men of the storms” by Frédéric Brunnquell – Liberation

Time for a Grand Bivouacdossier

Today, a trip alongside the whiting fishermen.

He boarded the Joseph Roty II, a “Ninety-meter-long steel monster with 55 sailors on board”, to fish for blue whiting in the North Atlantic. “The boat is a brute, a mass, the largest fishing vessel flying the tricolor. He will bring us back to the port or take us with him to the bottom. “

Frédéric Brunnquell, author and director of documentaries, chose a wonderful subject there. He highlights his book Storm mena quote from Joseph Conrad, taken from Mirror of the sea. “Gales have their own personality and, after all, that might not be surprising; because, in the end, they are adversaries whose tricks must be foiled, whose violence must be resisted and with whom, however, we must live in the privacy of nights and days spent together. “

We are well with these sailors, we see them living, working, sleeping, eating and wiping the grain. We follow them. We hear what they experience and confide in. Brunnquell turned and returned around this “Paradox of the freedom of sailors”. “The one they cherish and powerfully claim, they owe to the ocean which offers them an individual market value greater than that which the earth would have granted them. By embarking on fishing when they were young, they escaped the life of precarious workers for which most of these unskilled sailors were destined ”. In addition, the extra pride that surrounds this profession. Even if sometimes the storm comes …

Storm men by Frédéric Brunnquell, Grasset editions, 224 pages, 19 euros.


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