Mendoza: one of the people run over at the door of the theater is serious | The prosecutor is waiting for the expert reports on the car to establish the cover

At least five women remain hospitalized, one of them in serious condition and with a reserved prognosis, after a car got on the sidewalk and ran over 23 people at the door of the Teatro Plazafrom the city of Mendoza Godoy Cruz, Sunday night. Until late on Monday, Justice was waiting for expert information to define the cover of the case and charge the driver of the vehicle.

George Streetthe investigating prosecutor in charge of the investigation, explained that he has a legal period of 24 hours to define the cover and, in addition, another 24 hours to decide accusations against the driver of the vehicle, identified as Edward Dayz, 62 years old.

The motorist was housed in Godoy Cruz Police Station 7, a few meters from the scene of the accident, as “apprehended”, in accordance with article 216 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The 23 wounded left to see the play “Dos locas de remate”, carried out by the actresses Soledad Silveyra and Veronica Llinas, who characterized the episode as “tragedy.” According to the medical report, the most seriously ill hospitalized patient is Gabriela Rodríguez, 27, who has “subarachnoid hemorrhage with a fracture of the rock,” and she was intubated when she arrived at Lagomaggiore Hospital. Yesterday morning she was “with respiratory assistance waiting for evolution” in the shock room on duty and with a “reserved prognosis”.

For her part, Alejandra Córdoba, 59, has “a chest contusion with pneumothorax, a pleural drainage was performed and she is stable in the shock room of the guard.” In turn, Lidia Palorma, 75, was diagnosed with “facial trauma and zygomatic arch fracture” and is hospitalized in a common room with a “stable” condition.

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authorities of the Hospital Lagomaggiore They reported on two other patients hospitalized and out of danger, a 47-year-old woman, hospitalized in the Traumatology Service with “tibia and fibula fracture”, and another 52, with “multiple trauma”.

The journalist Lucas Castro, also run over in the incident, described the event as “horrible, indescribable”, and declared that the doctors “were not enough” to attend to the attacks. “We had just left and we were on the sidewalk because they wanted to say hello to Solita (Silveyra) and we began to feel that people were shouting ‘careful, careful!'”, said Castro, who added that at the place “Eight ambulances arrived” and “the doctors couldn’t cope.”

“I got two chairs from the café (next door) and sat them down. My mother was shivering, her hands had fallen asleep, her head ached. I went to help people, especially a lady who was alone , that I accompanied her and held her hand until a doctor came, and then I helped another woman who had her daughter run over. It was a horrible situation, “he described.

For their part, spokespersons for the investigation explained that the investigating prosecutor, Calle, is awaiting technical reports from Scientific police to determine if the statement of the cause of the accident is true, who argued in his defense that the reverse gear of the automatic transmission was locked, or if the accident occurred due to the driver’s incompetence.

When asked if he could increase the characterization of the fact that Díaz had an expired driver’s license since April 21 of last year, the sources clarified that this is not an aggravating factor in the Penal Code.

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Diego Gareca, director of Culture and Creative Industries of Godoy Cruz, explained to the press that on Sunday night “the vehicle was removed and they have to do the expert report.” “We have the driver’s statement and yes, he is a person with a disability, who was with a walker and had attended to see the work. What he says is that the gearbox got stuck in reverse “of the car, he confirmed.

The Municipality of Godoy Cruz reported that the functions scheduled at the Cine Teatro Plaza for Monday and Tuesday were suspended after the accident, so a play and a film festival will not take place.

Meanwhile, the actresses and personalities from the theater world linked to the play “Dos locas de remate” lamented the accident. “A car got into it, it seemed like a disabled person was driving it, it ran over all the people who were waiting for us,” Soledad Silveyra told Radio Nihil between sobs. “It was the scariest thing I ever imagined seeing, because we also went out, we stayed with the owners of the theater taking some photos, and that was what saved us, because otherwise we would have been there with the people, taking photos and signing. A glorious, wonderful night, and it ends with this tragedy that we cannot believe.” “Our audience, our beloved audience, who was waiting for us to take photos, crushed by the car. Danteous images that will never be erased from our memory or our hearts. We accompanied everything we could until they took us out,” he wrote in his account From Twitter his partner Verónica Llinás, the other protagonist of the work.Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, Llinás explained that “the driver began to insult him, there was a brawl, but he immediately disarmed because he began to say ´I did not do it on purpose, I didn’t do it on purpose.’ I was handicapped and immediately that was diluted and people set out to get people who were crushed by the car out.”

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