Menna Fadali accompanied her true love

Artist Menna Fadali published a new photo of her through her personal account on the social networking site for videos and photos, “Instagram”.

Menna Fadali appeared with her dogs and wrote, hanging on the pictures, “True Love.”

The photos won the admiration of many of her followers, and the most prominent comments were as follows:

– They look scared
– Dogs are sincere
You look like a moon

In another context, Menna Fadali participated in the series “Love Omri”, written by Fida El Shindawili and directed by Abdel Aziz Hashad, starring Haitham Shaker, Sahar Al Sayegh, May Al Qadi, Ahmed Karara, Hanan Suleiman, Amani Kamal, Diana Hashem, Sameh Al Sori, Tamer Faraj, and other artists.

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