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Menna Fadali’s ex-wife reveals shocking details of their separation

The composer, Mohamed Diaa, spoke for the first time during his interview with the media, Raghida Shalhoub, about the story of his customary marriage and his divorce from the Egyptian artist, Menna Fadali.

The Egyptian composer said: “When all the customary conditions are completed, I think that it remains permissible, including publicity and the guardian. This happened with a contract and I used a valid signature in a court, but I did not want to announce the matter,” explaining: “I did this because the temporary marriage is called a temporary marriage, I made it as if it was Engagement, even if a hand touch, remains permissible, temporarily, until I enter the stage of formal marriage.”

He denied their customary marriage because of Menna’s mother’s refusal, saying: “Her mother was with us from the first day to the last, and I can give you the pictures.” He also denied hitting her and said: “I swear to God, I never hit her, not once. Because I swore once that I put her in a place where I wanted to count, and I told her to keep her away.”

And about the reason for their divorce, he said: “A picture I saw that I liked, I agree with it, that there are limits that you wear a little naked, I hate naked clothes.”

He added that he saw the photo in a group of photos from a photo session for the song (Valentine), which he was preparing for Majd Al-Qassem, and Fadali did not tell him about it.


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