Menopause Relief and Health Benefits of Pomegranate: A Comprehensive Guide

2023-12-02 05:48:46

Relieves menopausal symptoms, suppresses cholesterol, prevents inflammation, and has anti-cancer effects.

Entered 2023.12.02 14:48 Views 0 Entered 2023.12.02 14:48 Views 0 Domestic pomegranates help reduce visceral fat, prevent osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and relieve menopausal symptoms. [사진=국립농업과학원]

Pomegranate, which is helpful for women’s menopause, is a fruit that grows on the pomegranate tree (Punica). Its origin is southwest Asia, including Persia, and it was spread to Europe and East Asia and improved. Pomegranate is written as 石榴 in Chinese characters, which is taken from the Persian Chinese character ‘Seok’ in Anseokguk (安石國). This means that the trees growing in Anseokguk have lumps on their trunks. High-quality domestic pomegranates are often sold on the southern coast in winter.

Pomegranate is good for menopause. Is it true?… Bone density, obesity, cardiovascular disease prevention – improvement effect

Pomegranate is widely known to be good for the health of menopausal women. A paper in the Journal of the Korean Society of Food and Nutrition that confirmed the health effects of pomegranate through animal experiments is attracting attention. When the research team fed domestic pomegranate concentrate to animals whose ovaries had been removed, the results showed improvements in bone health, including bone density, and symptoms of osteoporosis. The effect of improving menopausal symptoms such as obesity and cardiovascular disease was revealed by improving weight gain and abdominal-visceral fat accumulation due to ovarian resection.

Relieves menopausal symptoms, suppresses cholesterol, prevents inflammation, and has anti-cancer effects.

According to the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, pomegranates contain a lot of ellagic acid and phytoestrogens (female hormones), which have excellent antioxidant effects and reduce oxidation (aging-damage) in the body. It helps with menopausal depression and bone loss in women. Pomegranate peel, which is rich in phenolic substances, has an effect on alleviating inflammation and hypercholesterolemia caused by intestinal microorganisms and bacteria. It has anti-cancer effects, including reducing menopausal symptoms, preventing breast and prostate cancer, and inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells. It is also rich in anthocyanin, an antioxidant.

Use both the peel and the seeds… Domestic products have excellent health benefits

To most effectively consume the nutrients of pomegranate, it is best to use not only the pulp but also the peel and seeds. The peel and seeds contain tannin, which has good antioxidant effects. Phytoestrogens, the representative physiologically active substances of pomegranates, are also abundant in the peel and seeds. Domestic pomegranates have a strong sour and astringent taste, so they are more effective than foreign ones in terms of pharmacology. The organic acid (citric acid) content that is beneficial to health is also higher.

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Good quality with heavy weight and bright red color.

Pomegranates produced in winter are of better quality. Most domestic products are produced through eco-friendly cultivation. When purchasing, choose one that is heavy and bright red. The quality is excellent when the outer skin is hard and has few scratches. Cut the pomegranate in half, pick out the kernels, and eat them. It can be eaten raw, boiled in tea, or made into juice. It can be stored in a cool place between about 2 and 5 degrees Celsius for about 15 to 20 days.

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