Menshikov responded to the dismissed actors of his theater

As it turned out, there were no national and honored artists among the employees who were laid off.

Oleg Menshikov. Photo:

The artistic director of the Ermolova Theater Oleg Menshikov and the press service of the cultural institution on the official site answered all the dissatisfied actors.

Oleg Menshikov
Oleg Menshikov. Photo:

The theater noted that the rhetoric around the issue of personnel changes acquired an aggressive tone and went beyond the framework of a civilized dialogue. The employees, in particular, openly accuse the management and administration of which they tarnish the personal and collective reputation of the theater.

The press service especially emphasized that among the actors who were laid off, there were no national and honored artists. People of pre-retirement age were not touched either. The list includes only those artists who do not have roles in the current repertoire, do not appear in the theater for several years and do not take any part in the life of the collective, both creative and internal. In addition, all disaffected were advised to seek the truth in court.

Recallwhat’s under reduction at the Yermolova Theater got 18 artists. The reason was the economic hardship caused by the coronavirus.

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