Mental health: 75% of mental illnesses begin in adolescence, and exercise must be exercised

Dr. Manen Abdel-Maqsoud, Secretary-General of the General Secretariat for Mental Health, said that 75% of mental illnesses begin in adolescence, such as stress and anxiety, stressing the need to control and treat them early, because adolescence has a special nature..

She added, during a telephone interview to the “Manchit” program, presented by the media, Rania Hashem, broadcast on the Extra News channel: “Many mental illnesses begin in adolescence, because young people at this stage have psychological and physical energy that must be brought to light, so attention must be paid to exercising at this stage.”“.

And she continued: “A person resorts to psychiatry if his nature changes, or if his performance becomes negative in work or life, and he must be dealt with in a certain way to avoid mental illness.”“.


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