Mental health, a poor relation of the French healthcare system

INFO LE FIGARO – The Institut Montaigne is proposing a radical reform of the first expenditure item for Medicare.

Anxiety, chopped sleep, bulimia, depression, addictions to screens, tobacco, alcohol … The Covid crisis brings to light the mental health disorders from which the French suffer, too often overlooked because they are considered taboo and shameful. The opportunity to sound the alarm on mental health, a poor relation of the tricolor system, while mental illnesses affect one in five people each year, i.e. 12 million French people, and that only 40% to 60% of between them are supported.

In a very detailed study entitled “Mental health, coping with the crisis”, of which Le Figaro first, the Institut Montaigne offers innovative treatment for the most frequent disorders, mild to moderate, but which can be very disabling. The independent think-tank pleads for a more integrated approach between physical medicine and psychiatry, in order to destigmatize, promote access to care and increase quality. Because the stake is enormous, not only for the

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