Mental health activities and programs to break social isolation at Abu Dhabi University

Abu Dhabi University has launched a variety of activities and programs through the Student Affairs Department to help return to university life and integrate new students, as the hybrid education system is not limited to attending lectures, but includes various activities so that students are part of this experience that helps to refine their administrative and technical skills, and leadership.

4 precautionary controls for activities

The Student Affairs Department presents its activities for this semester in a hybrid manner, as it still maintains the organization of some training workshops and events remotely, in addition to some cultural, recreational and sports activities and competitions within the university campus, taking into account the precautionary measures recommended by the authorities regarding “ Covid-19.

The Student Affairs Department created a special protocol for organizing events and activities on campus, which was developed in coordination with the Business and Facilities Support Department, based on the standards set by the competent authorities, and through which it focused on reducing the capacity of internal facilities to 50% of their normal size to maintain physical distance as much as possible. In addition to wearing masks during events and obtaining prior approval from the university’s health and safety official before starting to organize any event, with continuous monitoring by the employees responsible for the event during the time of its organization.

University activities a path to success

The Director of Student Affairs at Abu Dhabi University, Rachel Baldwin, explained that the active participation of students in all student clubs, sports activities and professional development activities, led to the existence of a path that helped students achieve success, indicating that the Student Affairs Department at Abu Dhabi University is responsible for establishing and developing this path. Expressing her happiness to share this success with the students after the distance education period ended.

She said, “The Corona pandemic has proven that it is a unique case that required direct assistance to the needs of students at the university. We are pleased that we have taken all necessary precautions for an appropriate return to welcome students to all Abu Dhabi University campuses.. To emphasize the importance of university life during the student’s journey.”

mental health program

The Student Affairs Department provides counseling services and a mental health program for university students to help them in the first place to overcome the negative psychological effects resulting from the “Covid-19” pandemic and how to develop protection factors from negative effects.

And the Senior Counseling and Guidance Specialist, Nariman Naji, stated that these services, specifically the mental health program for university students, helped a large group of young people to overcome the fear and anxiety resulting from the “Covid-19” pandemic, in addition to giving them the opportunity to organize their time and develop their study skills in order to break the barriers of social isolation. .


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