Mental health and pandemic: men less inclined to seek help

Men’s mental health has been affected during the pandemic, but men are less likely to seek help, according to a psychology professor.

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“What we see in the scientific literature is that there are many barriers to access to services for men. They perceive their usefulness less, so they will wait a long time before consulting, ”explains Janie Houle, professor in the psychology department at UQAM.

“When they get to the services, they’re going to be in a state of crisis. It can be particular, because a man in crisis can have a lot of aggressiveness and irritability ”, indicates Mme Swell. “The first instinct is often to say ‘listen, calm down or go out’, which is not the right thing to do.”

Warning signs

According to Mme Swell, if the man withdraws and stops seeing his friends, if he withdraws into himself or if he has irritating behaviors such as aggression or anger, it may be signs that he is not okay. not good.

Some will even go as far as suicide, she says.

“There are several factors that explain why more men than women take their own lives. They are less inclined to ask for help than women, they also have a perception of suicide as being a solution ”, says Mme Houle.

Suicides often occur after an ordeal such as job loss or marital separation.

“They have fewer protective factors to help them get through, hence the importance that the services are well adapted to their reality and that these men continue their efforts to the end,” she said.

Tools for men and their loved ones

Mme Houle recommends tools developed for male realities. They can be found on the website of Center of expertise and research in human health and well-being. Some are intended for service providers, while one of these tools is intended for men in difficulty. There is also one that is for their loved ones.

“I really encourage men who are going through difficult times to consult,” says Mme Swell. “You can communicate with 811, it is the social info service that will be able to direct you to the right resources, and I invite you to consult the toolbox to have ideas to get through a difficult moment.”


Quebec suicide prevention line


1-866 CALL (277-3553)

Kids Help Phone


· 1-800 668-6868



· 1-800 263-2266 SEE ALSO

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