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Shatha Alay Al Naqbi*

The Health and Environmental Affairs Committee of the Federal National Council is currently discussing a topic of great importance to society and its members, which is the policy of the Ministry of Health and Community Protection with regard to promoting mental health in the UAE.

Within the framework of studying this subject in detail, the committee made six field visits to Al Amal Hospital and Rashid Hospital in Dubai, Al Qassimi Hospitals, Kuwait and Khor Fakkan in Sharjah, and Fujairah Hospital in Fujairah, to see the services provided in the mental health departments and the treatment programs provided to the auditors of mental health departments, and how to deal with them. And the need to strengthen the prevention of mental disorders for members of society, and the role of the Ministry in cooperating with the concerned authorities to implement the policy of promoting mental health and the services provided.

Despite the increased interest in this topic in recent times, especially after the “Covid 19” crisis, and the suffering of some people with stress and psychological fear, and depression for fear of infection with the virus, the culture of the mental patient going to consult a doctor or reviewing mental health departments in hospitals is still very far away. from reality, and it does not find acceptance or popularity among people in society.

The psychiatric patient may be the culprit, or the victim in many situations, the psychiatric patient may be a victim of some view of him in society if he realizes that he is ill, and goes to receive psychological treatment, so some view him as crazy, a moron, or has a mental disorder, and this pressure that People make up on the patient may actually lead to more psychological pressure, and depression, which may reach the later stages of mental illness, so we must all, change our view of the mental patient, and help him treat.

Now it is the turn of the offender psychopath, who is the most dangerous to society and people. This type of psychopath does not admit that they are sick, and refuse treatment, which worsens their condition and ferocity, until they severely harm those around them, and they never admit that they are wrong about others. Rather, they continue to harm others, and the major problem here is if among this category of patients there is an employee in a position of responsibility, a manager at work, or a person responsible for other colleagues, how can we imagine the work environment in the presence of such a person who can Is it very harmful to his colleagues, and who works within his team, as well as its negative impact on the decline in work productivity?

*Member of the Federal National Council


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