MEPs advocate a “massive and solidarity” vaccination against the flu

The LREM deputy of the Loire, Julien Borowczyk, a doctor by training, is at the origin of the initiative, which took the form of a tribune published in the press on Sunday. Several deputies from Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes are co-signatories.

A doctor by training, the Loire deputy, Julien Borowczyk and 74 of his colleagues have just signed a platform for ask for an important vaccination this year.

We are far from the recommendations

Their concern is that the flu epidemic intersects with that of coronavirus. The latter has just killed 31,000 people in France, the first claims about 10,000 victims each year. And if the two collide, hospitals could find themselves overwhelmed.

In this tribune, there are two levels. The first is to encourage people at risk, that is to say the elderly, those with diabetes or cardiovascular diseases to be vaccinated, as well as caregivers.“, explains Julien Borowczyk.

Why ? Because we have around 40 to 45% of people at risk who are vaccinated and 35% of caregivers, we are very far from the recommendations of around 80%“, continues the elected.

The other issue of the approach of these deputies is that vaccination is also spreading in the general population “We do not know how it can happen if we have the conjunction of the two epidemics at the same time. For once we can prevent an epidemic, that of the flu, let’s do it, we can get ahead of the coronavirus, let’s take advantage of it“, adds the Loire deputy.

An effort requested from mutuals

To achieve a more massive vaccination of people who are not considered at risk, Julien Borowczyk and his colleagues ask mutuals to show solidarity. “I suggest that this year, they systematically reimburse all their members. It is not a huge effort. A vaccine costs 10 euros and mutuals have saved money this year because the state has taken care of all the care related to Covid-19“.

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Finally, the number of flu shots available should not be a problem. This year, 20% more doses have been ordered, to meet a possible strong demand.


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