MEPs shun Strasbourg, the “furious” French state

The French insist that the European Parliament continue to travel to Strasbourg every month, despite the Covid-19 crisis and the financial madness that it represents, the astonished Washington Post.

The title announces a certain misunderstanding: “The European Parliament does not want to spread the coronavirus by traveling to France. The French are furious, Write the Washington Post.

This is how the American daily talks about the decision to stay in Brussels instead of going to Strasbourg for the parliamentary session from September 14 to 17. A decision announced by the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, at the beginning of the month and which is the subject of great concern in the Bas-Rhin. The European Parliament has two seats: the official, in the Alsatian capital, where the plenary sittings are held, the unofficial, in the Belgian capital, where the committees meet in particular.

Already in normal times, note the title, “This is one of the most


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