Mercadona pays an extra 4,500 euros to each worker

The supermarket chain Mercadona has announced 409 million euros in premiums for the more than 90,000 people who make up the workforce, which means an average of 4,500 euros per worker. In the Girona region, the group employs more than 1,200 workers. 90% of the additional extra pay corresponds to a premium for objectives corresponding to the year 2020. The remaining 10% corresponds to an additional premium that the staff already received last year in “recognition of the commitment and extraordinary effort demonstrated during the beginnings of the health crisis that is being lived “, explains the company in a communiqué.

For Patricia Cortizas, General Manager of Human Resources and External Relations at Mercadona, “in a year like 2020, so complex to manage, the company has achieved the best management in its history. Ensuring the opening every day of more than 1,600 supermarkets in Spain and Portugal would not have been possible without the talent and daily effort of each and every one of the workers who make up Mercadona, without their commitment to prepare and serve the stores, or to deliver online orders at For me and for the entire Steering Committee, it is a source of pride to have had the opportunity to see that, in exceptional times, it is when exceptional people like those who make up this workforce emerge that , with their deeds, have become an example for society “.

The decision to share part of the profit generated with all staff was implemented in 2001. Since then, Mercadona has distributed more than 4.2 billion euros. In fact, any worker, from the first year and in the case of achieving the goals and objectives agreed at the beginning of the year, receives an extra monthly payment, an amount that amounts to two monthly payments once the five years have elapsed. of antiquity. Thanks to that, the salary of the base staff amounts to approximately 1,800 euros net per month on average, with extra payments and premium for goals already included.

On the other hand, Mercadona points out that since the state of alarm was declared until now, it has allocated more than 200 million euros to protect, strengthen and guarantee the safety and health of customers, employees and suppliers, making their facilities a safe place. This extraordinary expenditure has been directed mainly to the acquisition of personal protective equipment; disinfection, cleaning and adaptation of security measures in stores, logistics blocks, ‘hives’ (which is how the chain calls internally the warehouses dedicated exclusively to managing and preparing online orders) and offices, and the strengthening of its own medical services, among others.


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