Mercato: Hakimi and Hernandez still far from PSG

The summer transfer window will not open until June 9, but discussions are already going well behind the scenes. In Barcelona, ​​President Laporta acknowledged that Messi’s extension was “not yet” recorded. In Italy, the Gazzetta dello Sport reported a possible exchange between Ronaldo and Mauro Icardi that the Italian striker was quick to deny by assuring: “My present and my future are in Paris. “This Friday, PSG definitely saw Alaba slip away at Real Madrid. And while waiting for the continuation of the soap opera initiated in England on the possible return of Mauricio Pochettino to Tottenham, Leonardo continues to prepare for next season.

Among its needs, PSG has notably targeted a right side. And the name of Achraf Hakimi, 22, the fresh Moroccan champion of Italy with Inter Milan, comes back with insistence, even if his entourage wants to sweep the rumor: “There is nothing. He has a four-year contract with Inter (Editor’s note: until 2024). “Only, as underlined by the former Parisian Grégory Paisley, consultant of beIN Sports on Serie A:” Inter needs liquidity. Conte did not stay because he had no financial security. So they will need to sell. That’s why there is surely something to be done with Hakimi, but we will have to play it finely because Paris will not be alone. “

“Théo loves Milan”

PSG would have everything to gain from enlisting a player Paisley considers “the best side in Serie A this season”. “Hakimi it’s a bullet! adds the beIN consultant. It’s a fighter plane. He is a boy capable of repeating high intensity runs for 90 minutes. He sometimes has a few absences on the placement but it is not even visible: he goes so fast that he catches all the shots. “In comparison with Florenzi, loaned by Roma, Paisley believes that” Florenzi has more accuracy in his choices but, physically, there is a gap between the two players. Hakimi is second to none. “

As a former left-back, Paisley is also closely following the particular situation of this sector in Paris where Juan Bernat, injured in the knee in September, had a blank season when Kurzawa, Bakker and Diallo succeeded each other without seducing his post. “There is something that bothers me: we don’t know in what state Bernat will come back,” remarks Paisley. With cruciate ligaments, there is always an unknown. “

He therefore does not find out of place the possible interest of PSG for Theo Hernandez, 23, currently at AC Milan, mentioned by picture. “But if Hernandez has to come to Paris it will be to be number one, not to be number one bis,” he emphasizes. Before concluding: “But I don’t see how this transfer can be done: Theo likes Milan, he’s having a blast in Italy and Milan is counting on him. I don’t see him coming to Paris, except for a big turnaround. “

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