Mercato LoL: Rekkles leaves Fnatic!

It’s now official, Rekkles won’t be the Fnatic botlaner next season; his departure has just been announced.

On the way to G2 Esports?

It was a rumor that had been running for several days on the web, a rumor that took root when some time after the one concerning the departure of Perkz. The rumor which announced the departure of Rekkles has now been confirmed; against all expectations and surely despite numerous attempts at internal negotiations to keep the player within its workforce for 2021, Fnatic has just announced the immediate departure of its botlaner and iconic player.

It is truly the end of an era for the British organization and for the Swedish competitor; Since his rise to the top of the European stage in November 2013, once he reached legal age, Rekkles has spent the vast majority of his career defending the Fnatic colors, if not for a brief stint on the Alliance side between November 2014 and May 2015, team renamed Elements just before the start of the 2015 season. The history in Fnatic and Rekkles goes back to 2013, but he was too young to play in the EU LCS and that ‘ is why he spent a time in the Fnatic.Beta line-up and that he was loaned a time to the formation Copenhagen Wolves, playing alongside in particular YoungBuck (toplane), Shook (jungle), cowTard (midlane) ) and Unlimited (support).

Rekkles under the Fnatic era, it is a record of 13 participations in the LEC playoffs including 8 finals, 4 European championship titles including 2 in a row (twice), 3 MVP titles, 9 nominations in a EU All-Pro including 4 in the first team, a record of 1,500 LEC kills (reached in 2019 – first player in the European League to reach it), not to mention a semi-final (2015) and a final (2018) of League of Legends World Championship.

After more than 7 years of good and loyal service (approximately nearly 600 games) and while he recently celebrated his 24th birthday, Rekkles made the decision to leave his post at Fnatic, and thus join another team. for the 2021 LEC season. The name of its future destination? It is not yet known to the general public; It’s a real open secret since he should probably join the G2 Esports team and thus take the place of Perkz, the latter having made the decision to leave his core team in order to be able to find a position of titular midlaner.

For more transparency in the process, Martin had previously indicated his preference to stay and re-sign earlier this year, and after the biggest offer Fnatic has ever made to a player – including a long-term plan for his future. after his playing career – Martin made the decision to move on. This decision was not based on financial gain.
Fnatic leadership

Between the departure of Perkz to possibly join Cloud9, and that of Rekkles for G2 Esports, here we certainly have the two biggest transfers of this 2020/2021 transfer window in the West.

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