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After three mercatos during which his name was mentioned, Morgan Sanson ended up joining the Premier League by signing for four and a half years at Aston Villa. It is difficult to say how much this player of duty will be missed by OM, but the leaders intend to replace him, especially as his designated successor Michaël Cuisance is slow to confirm all the good that we thought of him. Waiting, Pablo Longoria multiplies the tracks to find the rare bird, and some have appeared in the press in recent days. Knowing the appetite and determination of the Spanish sporting director, there is a good chance that a new Olympian will land before midnight on January 31, especially as OM would have a budget of ten million euros for the flush out. It is therefore interesting to look at the already existing tracks, even if a big last minute surprise is not to be ruled out. Some seem quite hot, others much less like those of Farid Boulaya (Metz) or Amine Harit (Schalke 04), which we have not retained. The opportunity to give your opinion with this detailed review of the most persistent rumors:

Mehdi Léris (22 years old, Sampdoria)

This is the first name that came out, and Provence still thinks it is part of the tracks of Longoria. Franco-Algerian midfielder of Sampdoria in Genoa, the native of Mont-de-Marsan hardly knows anything but Italian football, since he was trained at Chievo Verona before going through the U19 of Juventus and committing to Samp for € 2.8 million in the summer of 2019. If he has played 12 Serie A matches this season, he is not a holder in the eyes of Claudio Ranieri who usually makes him enter the last 20 minutes. But his versatility makes him an interesting element since Léris can play as a central midfielder, in both lanes, but also as a right back. However, the Calcio connoisseurs that we have consulted do not see him (yet?) As an OM holder.

Thiago Almada (19 years old, Velez Sarsfield)

It has everything to please Marseille supporters. Young, Argentinian, hyper technical profile and called to a great future by all connoisseurs. No wonder Thiago Almada is already making the recruiters of Barça, Atlético and the two clubs of Manchester wriggle. This is in fact the problem, because if we mentioned last week a proposal from OM to the tune of € 10 million, it would seem that the pipe is pierced. Indeed, the Velez already refused an offer twice as high last season and it is hard to see them change their minds this winter. That said, Longoria blew us away with Milik, so why not dream of this Argentinian football gem? The Ciel-et-Blanc jersey would suit him so well …

Angelo Fulgini (24 years old, Angers)

Less glamorous than the previous one, Angelo Fulgini is not for all that a rumor to be abandoned, far from it. Indeed, the former French Espoirs international trained in Valenciennes is asserting himself this season as one of the very best playmakers in Ligue 1. A number 10 who can also play runner in the style of Morgan Sanson with an additional technical touch. , or right winger, his original position. Another advantage is that its price should not reach peaks for a player who is still young and has a real room for improvement. The main question remains: can a player who shines in Angers and has the keys to the game there do the same at OM? A real reflection to be carried out, even if the quality of Fulgini is undeniable.

Imran Louza (21 years old, Nantes)

One of the latest rumors, even if it promises to be less hot than at the start, for a player we discovered last season and for whom FC Nantes followers predict a bright future. A pure product of Jonelière, Imran Louza is a real central midfielder who can play in 6, 8 and even 10, as his stats show (16 matches, 4 goals, one assist). Holder of the training of Raymond Domenech, he manages to show himself despite the more than sluggish game of the Canaries. The sign that he has real qualities with a nice first touch, a precise left foot and an overflowing activity on the ground. It is, moreover, international Espoirs français, which situates its quality given the competition in this sector of play. A major drawback all the same: Nantes has every intention of keeping it.

Irfan Can Kahveci (25 ans, Basaksehir Istanbul)

A little older than the other tracks, Irfan Can Kahveci is also a much more confirmed player. Indeed, the Turkish international is already a major element of his selection and we have not forgotten his three goals against Leipzig in the Champions League this season. A ball caressor as we see little of it today and who can play at all positions in the middle. In addition, Kahveci is a true leader and a warrior in the field. Something to please Marseille supporters, even if this track seems rather distant with, moreover, a very keen interest of Galatasaray. In any case, we do not say no for this high-class left-hander.


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