Mercedes F1 representative praises the plan launched by the strategist “almost perfect work” / F1 Spain GP final[]

Toto Wolff, team representative for Mercedes F1, praised Blackley’s group of mathematicians and strategists who made Lewis Hamilton’s victory at the F1 Spanish Grand Prix, as well as those working in the field.

At the F1 Spanish Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton overturned Max Verstappen’s lead with a two-stop strategy to achieve his third win of the season. Toto Wolff, who organizes Mercedes’ F1 team national team, praised the team, widening the gap with Red Bull to 29 points in the Constructors’ Championship.

“The atmosphere was great. I really took off my hat to the group of strategists led by James (Bowls) and the whole group of Blackley. We did an almost perfect job. Today we were late. We were late. But because of the gap, I was able to make that decision, or I was in a position to do it. “

“They were just great, and the mathematicians and strategists all started the simulation. We needed a plan … and our plan had to stop now, and he would have one lap left. It was to catch. And the tire difference was 1.4 seconds and we believed that was enough. We trusted them. We trusted the data. “

“But they were terribly wrong. We caught him by the last four laps,” Toto Wolff jokingly said.

Lewis Hamilton made a pit stop on lap 28, four laps after Max Verstappen, and stopped again on lap 42 to surprise his rivals. Hamilton returned to the track more than 20 seconds behind Verstappen, but succeeded in reversing on lap 60.

Toto Wolff continued to explain why the strategic team relied on the “difficult” decision to re-pit.

“When it comes to pace, I think Red Bull was in the lead on Saturday and probably on us on Sunday. Our car seemed good on the tires,” Toto Wolff said.

“Then we lost less, and in any case we ended up in 2nd place, or we could aim for 1st place. Still, it was a difficult decision. Before we decided to make two stops, Lewis was very close to Max on the DRS, and that’s where the strategic team came in. They said they were more likely to overtake at the end of the race than they are now, when the tires are only five laps younger at the end of the race. “

Toto Wolff concludes by praising Blackley and his team’s view of victory in the pit wall.

“Everyone on the team is doing a really good job. Even on the day we lose, we learn to break the sum. I think the idea is correct. And even when our machine isn’t fast enough, we still estimate good performance. You can do it, “said Toto Wolff.

“But we never rest and we aren’t aware of our rights. In two weeks it could swing in the opposite direction, and then it would be a weekend to learn.”

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