Mercedes: the successful transformation of the new GLA into a compact SUV

Mercedes-Benz GLA, Edition1, AMG Line, mountaingrau magno
Mercedes-Benz GLA, Edition1, AMG Line, mountain grey MAGNO

The new GLA is making a fairly clear change and is now fully claiming its status as an SUV.

Small revolution for the most compact of the Mercedes SUV family. While its predecessor was similar to a large A-Class, the second-generation GLA now fully asserts its status as an SUV and comes to titillate the BMW X1 and Volvo XC40.

To do this, the new GLA is displayed with a real SUV build with generous proportions: 1.61 m in height (+11 cm), 1.83 m in width (+ 3cm) while the length of 4, 41m hardly changes (- 1 cm).

Result: much higher perched, a little wider, this GLA looks more stocky and better seated. The wheelbase on its side increases by 3 cm, which benefits the space on board.

The silhouette no longer has much to do with the Class A from which it derives. The GLA is distinguished by the powerful shoulders of its body and the line of its side windows worthy of a coupe. The radiator grille is perforated like on other Mercedes-Benz SUVs and features a lamella, as well as a central star. Typical of the brand, the interior of the optical units offers a high-end, meticulous and precise finish.

Seen from the side and from the back, the vehicle is impressive and its doors overflow onto the side sills. The rear lights are displayed in two parts, the reflectors moved downwards have been integrated into the bumper for a wider opening of the trunk and therefore easier loading.

In terms of functionality, the GLA has a rear seat that slides over 140 mm and the boot volume gains 14 liters to reach 435 l in the normal position.

Better visibility

On the driving side, the new elevated position changes life on board. Sitting respectively 50 mm and 140 mm higher than in the B-Class and the A-Class, the occupants of the front seats thus benefit from better visibility, which greatly improves safety.

Inside, the atmosphere is more modern than on board the previous GLA, notably thanks to the MBUX infotainment system, equipped with high-level voice control.

The dashboard inherited from the Class houses the standalone unit of screens available in three versions: two 7-inch (17.78 cm) screens, one 10.25 (26 cm) screen or a Widescreen variant with two 10.25 inch.

Note that the GLA is the first model in its category to have the automatic washing function. At the press of a single button, the exterior mirrors, side windows and sunroof are closed, triggering the front image of the panoramic camera. When leaving the car wash, these settings are automatically reset as soon as the speed exceeds 20 km / h.

Under the hood, we find the 150 horsepower GLA 200 D diesel associated with the 8G DCT automatic gearbox. The new GLA is available in three versions from 390,000 DH

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