Mercedes unveils two AMG versions for the EQE

As with other manufacturers, the future of Mercedes is electric. This does not mean the end of sports for the German brand! A few months after the EQS, theEQE is in turn declined in AMG. There are even two variants, the 43 4MATIC and the 53 4MATIC+.

As a reminder, the classic EQE currently offers a 350 version with a 215 kW engine, or 292 hp. AMGs have the right to two motors, one on each axle. For the 43, these engines benefit from tuning and control revised by AMG. The cumulative power is 350 kW, or 476 hp, the maximum torque is 858 Nm. It takes 4.2 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h.

The 53 has the right to specific AMG engines, with, for example, adapted windings and sheets. The goal: to have more power and higher engine speeds. The 53 thus announces 460 kW, or 626 hp… and even 505 kW, or 687 hp, with the optional AMG Dynamic Plus Pack. The maximum torques range from 950 to 1,000 Nm! For the 0 to 100 km / h, the 53 requires 3.5 seconds, and gains two tenths with the pack.

Be careful, however, to have a sufficient charge level to take advantage of the maximum power, which also depends on the driving mode chosen with the AMG Dynamic Select. For example in Comfort mode, there is 80% power. And that goes down to 50% with Ice mode. The fact of having a motor on each axle makes it possible to have all-wheel drive, with a distribution of the torque which varies permanently according to the modes and conditions. These AMGs feature air suspension and adjustable adaptive damping. The rear wheels are also standard. They bring agility to machines that weigh 2.5 tons empty!

Both versions have the same battery, with a useful capacity of 90.6 kWh. Autonomy is necessarily impacted by high powers. The 43 announces between 462 and 533 km, the 53 from 444 to 518 km. In direct current, the charging power can reach 170 kW. In alternating current, it is 11 kW in series, 22 kW in option.

On the look side, we find the AMG Line aesthetic pack already offered on the 350. The “real” AMGs will be recognized by their specific grille, equipped with vertical bars. On board, the flat steering wheel incorporates AMG buttons that provide access to the main driving settings. The sporty ambience is created with the carbon inserts and red stitching. The “Hyperscreen” dashboard, with the giant screen in the center and the screen facing the passenger, remains optional.

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