Merck is arming itself with a large biotechnology industrial development site in Switzerland

2023-06-08 10:00:00

From the top of the fourth and last floor, the view of the Alps is breathtaking. Planted on the heights, in the green hills of Corsier-sur-Vevey (Switzerland), Merck’s new building dominates Lake Geneva as well as the existing complex, two hundred meters away, where nearly 900 employees produce active ingredients for biotech drugs from the German laboratory. A small cadastral curiosity: a small car body fits, surprisingly, between the two infrastructures. Three years after the start of work, through an investment of more than 250 million euros, Merck’s Biotech Development Center was officially inaugurated on June 7. Belén Garijo, President of the Management Board and CEO of the group, promised him, in his speech, ” a central role in helping to bring new drugs more quickly to meet unmet medical needs, particularly in cancers “. Appointed director of the Biotech Development Center, Patrick Chkroun specified that this strategic location of nearly 16,000 m2 “ completed operational validations “estimating the start of production of the first clinical batches in early 2024.


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