Meridiam collects laurels in American universities

INFO LE FIGARO – The investment fund will manage the water and energy supply of two giant campuses for thirty years.

Thierry Déau, CEO of the Meridiam investment fund.
Thierry Déau,
CEO of Meridiam investment fund.
Sébastien SORIANO / Le Figaro

In the United States, a university is a real city. And like a city, you have to manage its water and energy supply. What the management of the establishment can do directly. “American universities benefit from significant state subsidies, but have a great deal of management autonomy, explains Thierry Déau, CEO of the Meridiam investment fund. And they are committed, particularly in California, to improving their environmental record. ” And Meridiam is scoring points in this area. It has just signed a contract with the University of Fresno, California, for the operation, maintenance and improvement of its water and energy distribution system. The fund will own 100% of the project, and will use energy service provider Noresco operationally. The University of Fresno represents 25,000 users.

This thirty-year contract represents an initial investment of $ 300 million (approximately $ 250 million

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