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Angela Merkel’s Corona course is coming under more and more pressure, the priorities are shifting: Before the summit this Wednesday, there was no expert talk with virologists in front of a federal-state switch, but with the economy. All central associations and unions were there, from the BDI to the DGB to the trade association and DIHK. And there has been great displeasure for days.

At the same time, the last votes on a revised bill took place. The chief negotiators from the Chancellery, the Federal Ministry of Finance and the federal states agreed on the decisive passages, some via SMS, but it was clear to everyone that the incidence of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, which Merkel believes should initially remain the basis for easing, is shaky, especially since With the planned significantly more tests, more infected people were found and the values ​​can rise accordingly.

The new template will be sent in the morning. It is available in the Tagesspiegel and bears the time stamp “3.3.2021, 7.30 a.m.”. The federal and state governments want to continue to extend the lockdown until March 28th. But there are now a few more relaxations compared to the first template the day before: From an incidence value of 100 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, it can make things easier for the trade and a little later for outdoor catering.

Internally, however, there is also moaning about a bureaucracy monster. And some would like to remove the 35 limit entirely. In regional circles it is also described as “difficult” that there has so far been no perspective for indoor catering, culture and tourism – this should be postponed to the next planned federal-state switch on March 22nd.

These are the most important points of the template for the Corona summit:

  • The Contact restrictions will be relaxed from next week, meetings of two households, with up to five people, should be possible again.
  • The incidence is stable under 100, a state can use the Retail for so-called appointment shopping (“click and meet”) to open. In principle, however, it continues to apply that the opening should only open in seven days from an incidence of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. In addition, there is a limitation of one customer per 10 square meters to 800 square meters of sales area.
  • The incidence is stable under 100, a state can also open from Museums, galleries, zoological and botanical gardens initiate – but also only with individual time windows.
  • Likewise can Individualsport alone or in pairs and Exercise in groups of up to ten children up to 14 years of age be possible outdoors if the incidence is stable below 100.
  • Flower shops, bookstores and garden centers should still be allowed to open from March 8th. The limit per customer is being handled a little more generously than previously planned.
  • If the incidence below 100 for a further two weeks after the retail store opens can Outdoor catering open again under strict conditions, especially with regard to the number of people. But if people from several households are sitting at the same table, “a daily updated COVID-19 quick test or self-test of the guests is required.” This could then be the case from March 22nd at the earliest.
  • Likewise, it can then also open from Theaters, concert and opera houses and cinemas come, as well as non-contact indoor sports – for example Fitness studios – with an incidence of less than 100 as in the catering trade, but only with submission of daily updated corona quick tests or self-tests.
  • General openings for outdoor restaurants, theaters, concert and opera houses, cinemas and fitness studios are only possible if the incidence has remained stable below 35 for two weeks.
  • Additional openings are only then again 14 days later possible, provided that the infection process remains stable. So that could only be the case after Easter. Then can Leisure events with up to 50 participants in the
    Take place outside again.
  • A “Emergency brake”. The 7-day incidence per 100,000 population increases to three consecutive days to over 100, the rules that were in effect until March 7th come into force again from the second working day afterwards, i.e. stricter contact restrictions and possible renewed closings.
  • No opening perspective is given for indoor gastronomy, culture, Events, travel and hotels – This should be discussed “in the light of the infection situation, taking into account the test strategy that has been started, vaccination, the spread of virus mutants and other influencing factors at the next meeting of the Chancellor and the heads of government of the federal states”.

A rather complicated solution – and several federal states would like to replace Merkel’s incidence limit of 35 with the 50 limit right away, thus allowing greater easing even earlier.

It is sometimes surprising what appears in such templates, so there was initially an opening perspective for “Material Arts Battles Indoors and Especially Cages”if all fighters can show a negative Covid-19 rapid test. While the existence-threatening wait continues for those working in culture. The passage flew out again, but it remains that next to the driving schools also the flight schools from March 8th open again with negative customer tests.

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In order to secure the openings, a national rapid test concept should be in place by the beginning of April; Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) had originally promised this for the beginning of March.

These are the essential points of the rapid test concept:

  • Everyone will a free rapid test at least once a week including a certificate of the test result “made possible in a test center operated by the respective municipality, with third parties commissioned by the respective municipality or with resident doctors”, it says in the paper. The federal government will bear the costs.
  • Chancellor Merkel had internally admitted that there was one Lack of rapid tests in Germany, in the previous submission there was talk of up to two free rapid tests per citizen and week.
  • The The compulsory quick test for companies has been lifted, now it is just an appeal. Now it says: “For comprehensive protection against infection it is necessary that companies in Germany, as a contribution to society as a whole, offer their employees in attendance at least one free quick test per week.”
  • There are massive ones in government circles Displeasure especially about Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU), because the rapid tests that have been secured so far would not get you very far. According to Spahn’s ministry, they are in contact with companies “in order to secure contingents of up to 208 million self-tests”. Talks for similar agreements were in progress with other potential providers of self-tests. ”
  • The great hope is that Self-tests offered everywhere from mid-March the first have just been admitted.

Spahn was also at the switch with the economy. After hasty announcements, promises not kept and the matter of the donation dinner before his corona infection, the health minister is under closer observation. Before that, he had another switch in the evening. With representatives from Johnson & Johnson, the company has filed for approval of a fourth vaccine to protect against Covid-19.

“After approval, the vaccine could soon be used in Germany,” his ministry tweeted hopefully about a picture of Spahn in front of the screen. At 10:30 p.m. a message came from the White House. The vaccine is already approved in the USA. Johnson & Johnson, the pharmaceutical company Merck and the government are building mass production together. “We have enough vaccines with that for all Americans by the end of May – two months earlier than previously expected. “
Note: This text is continuously updated.

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