Merol launches filthy Valentine’s album: ‘Are you going on a fun safari?’ | Entertainment

The singer got the idea after she read an article about the orgasm gap. “I thought, what word is that? The piece stated that we had been to the moon before we were going to investigate the vulva. That only started in 1998. It also stated that 66 percent of women came compared to 95 percent of men. Then I thought, yes, we are going to do something with that ”, she says 3voor12.

And that is exactly what they are with Foefsafari, in which she calls on the vagina to be examined, hopes to do. “We’re not there yet. I also found out much later that a clitoris goes a long way and has two cavernous bodies. Sex education used to be about putting on a condom. Everyone thought that sex is the same as fucking. I hope that the boys and girls of today do not fall into the same trap, that it is easier to talk about and that women in bed can claim their share. ”

She does emphasize that her music, although sexual in nature, is mainly intended for entertainment. “But standing in front of a class to teach sexuality education? Super awesome. Do I still have to read in. ”

The clip of Foefsafari will be released on Sunday 14 February.

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