Meryem Uzerli appears as God created her and covers her body with flowers only in the most seductive scene on the planet Earth.

The Turkish actress (Meryem Uzerli), one of the heroines of the series Harem Al Sultan, shared pictures of her on her personal account on the Instagram website from her last photo session.

Her look was considered daring, as some described it, as she did not wear clothes, adapted to covering her body and chest only with flowers, and commented on it with a black heart emoji.

Conflicting comments were poured upon her, some of them admired and praised her look, and some criticized her for appearing in this way, expressing their regret for the situation that the artist Maryam has reached, as she did not appear like this before.

Others wrote that an artist such as Maryam does not need to resort to these things to provoke controversy and get more fame, as she has many fans in the Arab world, in addition to having a wide fame after her performance of the role of Sultana Hiam in the series Harem Al Sultan

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