Merz criticizes the design of the corona aid in November

Friedrich Merz

Merz criticizes that the 75 percent of the previous year’s turnover is in many cases not a suitable help for companies affected by the partial lockdown.

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Berlin The CDU chairman Friedrich Merz has accused Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) of a “quick shot” in the November aid for economic sectors in the partial lockdown. “That has to be reworked,” said Merz to the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”. The aids in their current form did not convince him.

The federal government had promised grants, for example, for restaurants and self-employed people such as artists who are affected by officially ordered closings due to the corona pandemic. Grants of up to 75 percent of the average turnover in November 2019 are to be granted.

Merz said: “Of course you have to help those affected, without question. However, the turnover is the most imprecise measure for compensation or loss of earnings. ”There are considerable inconsistencies. “Take an independent concert organizer, for example,” said Merz. “It makes maybe five percent profit on sales, but is now reimbursed 75 percent of monthly sales. That is completely beyond any damage he suffers. ”

And all other self-employed people that the concert promoter would have had to pay for, i.e. stage builders, technicians, artists, would also get a 75 percent reimbursement of their sales. “Sales and earnings are just two different things,” said Merz. “In any case, it is a quick shot that does not do justice to the situation and the necessities.”

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