Merz warns of "self-help group Kevin Kühnert"

Berlin Against the background of the Federal Party Congress of the SPD there was sharp criticism from the Union today. The former Union faction leader Friedrich Merz accused the SPD of dealing too much with himself. He said today at the CDU State Party Congress in Saxony-Anhalt: "The world around us is changing at a rapid pace. If you look at the Social Democrats of the last few days, you have to ask yourself if they even know what's really going on in this country ", and" If this big social democratic people's party becomes a support group Kevin Kühnert, then we have to get the Ask how long can this be okay? "

He also warned: "We have different responsibilities in our country than constantly dealing with ourselves."

The push of the new SPD leader Norbert Walter Borjans for a move away from the black zero met in the Union on heavy rejection. "It is crazy, in a time of gushing tax revenue even thinking about the farewell to the black zero and new debt," said Susanne Eisenmann, the CDU's top candidate for the upcoming state election and Minister of Culture in Baden-Württemberg, the Handelsblatt. It does not lack the money for investment, but it must be ensured through rapid processes and shorter planning phases that the funds can also be retrieved, she said.

Similarly expressed the CDU chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in the "Bild am Sonntag". "As long as the funds are not available for the Digital Pact School, it makes no sense to take in billions of debts, which we then have to park somewhere," she said.

The new SPD chairman Norbert Walter Borjans had previously brought a renouncement also on the anchored in the Basic Law debt brake into play. "If the black zero opposes a better future for our children, then it is wrong, then it must go away," said the SPD leader at the party congress in Berlin. "And that is, let's face it, if we do not want to avoid it somewhere, then it applies to the debt brake." No growing company would submit to such an investment brake.

The debt brake states that the federal government and the federal states must have a fundamentally balanced budget, but marginal new debt is also allowed.

According to Eisenmann, the SPD had decided against the immediate exit from the GroKo. "But with her lead application she continues the hanging party". From the point of view of the CDU, the existing coalition agreement remains the working basis for GroKo. There should be no renegotiations of the coalition agreement and no left-slide in the coalition. "Many in our party wish for a stronger content profiling. Then we as a Union can not constantly yield to the SPD, "Eisenmann said.

Kramp-Karrenbauer once again made it clear in the "Bild am Sonntag" that the basic pension compromise would not come when the SPD got out of the grand coalition. The compromise is a laborious joint project of the government and its parliamentary majority. The law therefore only comes into the Bundestag when it is clear that this government will continue to exist in the future.

More: After much back and forth, the party congress decided with a large majority: The SPD wants to give the grand coalition another chance – at least for the time being. The CDU boss is pleased.

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