message from Frank Martínez to Diego Carmargo by elimination

Frank Martínez —Defined between five finalists of the cooking competition– He regretted the departure of his opponent Camargo, but a “friend of many years”, with an extensive message on Instagram, where he exalted the good and the bad during the contest.

“Today the ‘Diegui’ is leaving, the first person I saw on the program and with whom I knew we were going to have a great time ‘sucking cock’ from day 1 (The famous Paisa tray without beans“ Free jol ”)”, Martinez wrote.

Along with his dedication, the comedian shared 5 photographs, 3 of them in the company of his friend Diego Camargo, apparently taken during the recordings of the show RCN, and two where only the eliminated competitor who left a message with lesson.

Martínez, who entered the contest as one of the weakest in the kitchen and who during the final stretch has refined his taste and affinity for cooking, the thanked his friend for making “life so happy”, helping him with challenges and recalled:

“What we laugh at is not written. I will never forget the day in Guatavita that we did not stop recording because we were crying with laughter ”.

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The comedians met when the call for ‘The comedians of the night’ began. According to Martínez, before meeting, Camargo predicted a promising future in his profession.

But Martínez and Camargo met again in the recordings of ‘Masterchef‘, where they were in charge of dealing with the tension days and enjoying the rhythm of humor.

“In ‘Masterchef’ I reaffirmed that Diego is a much better person than I thought myself. I saw him crying once for me on one of those shitty days I had in there. It helped me, accompanied me and above all, IT MADE ME VERY HAPPY “, noted the comedian who continues in the competition.

Finally, he stressed that viewers were able to notice the great human being that his friend was, whom he admires and loves.

This was the publication that Frank Martínez made in his personal account of the social network:


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