Messed up! Tag team star Juak Sira, high-class knot, nut, brought a check in cash for 10 million to bet

Celebrities such as DJ Tonhom, Aom Skawjai, Doctor Kwan, Namcha Chiranat, Cheer Thikamporn, John Winyu Pongnawat, DJ Poom, etc. Tag team Juak Sira Pomhi Soluk Nut took a cash check of 10 million to bet.

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From the case that is being discussed a lot now, after Sira proves that If nobility is really blind Will pay cash for 1 million baht and if nobility is not really blind, must bet with 10 million baht

By yesterday, August 30, 64, at the Thai House, Laksi, Chaengwattana Road, Mr. Sira prepared 1 million baht in cash for a high-class pavilion at the meeting point.

Suddenly, when the high-class nut arrived It can be seen that a cash check of 10 million baht was taken instead of cash. cause dissatisfaction I even said that I was a senator, keeping my word and bringing cash.

And this is not a bet. it is charity But the deal is cash, so let’s just say it’s not a playmate. This is not a playground.

Later, after many news agencies published the news. causing a lot of people to come out and talk about this issue

Including these celebrities flocked to comment fiercely. In the IG of a popular news page presenting news Sira boils with Luk Nut In the case of bringing a check instead of cash

whether DJ Tonhom, Aom Sakawjai, Doctor Kwan, Namcha Chiranat, Cheer Thikamporn, John Winyoo, etc.

In addition, on the DJ Phum There have been photos of business news from The MATTER news agency posted via IG. which is an image that states the message Did you know! ‘Check’ has been used as a substitute for cash since the Roman Empire.NS

Ready to comment that challenge everything He accepted everything. Plus, giving more than 10 times more money… Finally, pretending to be loud Find out if he’s a child then quickly put down the mic Hurry up to collect your own tank. And hurried out of work… ????????

Make friends in the industry like Pong Nawat Enter the comments immediately saying Crazy, who’s acting like a child? This event made the followers applaud, thanking both of them for having the courage to express their opinions openly.

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