Messi has a double, a brilliant pass and an absolute record. Argentina can play with Brazil only in the final – 06/29/2021

If the Brazilians who secured the first place in advance could arrange a day off for most of the players of the main clip, led by Neymar, then Messi is only dreaming of peace. Even against unmotivated and not scoring a single point Bolivia, Leo had to enter the field not for the record – 148th match for the national team, but in order to be guaranteed to finish in first place. The second led to the formidable Colombia, with which Lionel Scaloni’s team recently failed to maintain a two-goal advantage in the selection for the 2022 World Cup (2: 2). Although Ecuador, judging by the game with Brazil, is still a gift. But still not Colombians with Zenit’s life-spoiling Barrios.

Task number two for Argentina was to determine the candidacy of the shock center forward. Lautaro Martinez unexpectedly failed in two starting rounds, and in the third, Aguero looked about the same as most of his last season at Manchester City. That is, it is ineffective. However, Scaloni again made a bet on Kuhn, and he started the game by failing from a few meters to break through the brightest Bolivian in this tournament – goalkeeper Lampe.

However, the goalkeeper stayed dry for just over five minutes. Until the moment when Messi brilliantly threw the ball behind the defenders, and Papu Gomez made the episode even more spectacular, hitting the target with a rebound from the crossbar since the summer. Benefit Leo, who has not scored more than one goal for the national team in tournament matches since October 2017, continued with a realized penalty and a spectacular attack, at the end of which the ball was thrown over the goalkeeper.

Aguero scored an assist, and his replacement Lautaro Martinez sent the ball into the net with almost the first touch. Although, in the allotted time, the Inter striker played for more, however, Lampe stopped him a couple of times, and the second labor goal was canceled due to offside with another player blue and white. In any case, Scaloni, who did not know defeats over 17 matches, had a pleasant reason for a headache. Another important point is that the winners of the groups – Argentina and Brazil – can now only meet in the final.

In this group, it was more profitable to take third place in order to get Peru as rivals in the quarterfinals. However, it was difficult for the Paraguayans to rejoice, since even in the first half they due to injuries have lost their main star – Almirona. Uruguay fled from Brazil, but also in the confrontation with Colombia sky blue will not be considered favorites. Oscar Tabares clearly kept this meeting in mind, dividing the playing time between Suarez and Cavani in favor of the Manchester United striker who scored the winning goal, as well as testing the 4-3-2-1 formation, which in playoffs can be an effective weapon.

They meet in the quarterfinals (Moscow time).

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